1. Everly

From the recording Grenades

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Kaia Kater, guitar, lead vocals, backing vocals; Christine Bougie, electric guitar, lap steel;

Andrew Ryan, upright bass; Lydia Persaud, Erin Costelo, backing vocals


Everly don’t you mock what you feed on

Take the wings of the morning and fly

Everly I’m a tiny bough broken

and drowning up in the sky

Lately I seem to roll on these boulevards

Sinking into the night

Rolling on through the iron and ivy

ʼTil time out of mind


Everly bear me neon fruit

Let it shine and shine and shine

The kingdom is flooding and I am too

Keep me close on the vine

I did dream we were pharaoh and bride

With the bounty laid at our feet

Everly dream the mango in summer

And the nightingale down in the deep

Salt mines bleed into fault lines and sting

Straighten up, uncurl your spine

Everly mine as I am to you

ʼTil time out of mind

When he comes, when he comes for me

I’ll be ripe as the lemon upon the tree

When he comes when he comes for me

I’ll be free, free