1. Canyonland

From the recording Grenades

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Kaia Kater, banjo, lead vocals; Christine Bougie, electric guitar, lap steel; Brad Kilpatrick, drums; Andrew Ryan, upright bass; Lydia Persaud, backing vocals


In a freeway trailer the horses flash golden manes, you puff the vapor and blow it off the window pane

My heavy braids fall like ropes pulling softly at you, urging you to look in my direction

The dark-haired dusk flaunts her coral lips at sunset

you are fussing with the tape deck

I am teetering, pacing at the edge of you,

mining for a breach in your inflection


In the Canyonland of rock

where the twitching jackal hides

and the woman takes her time

takes her time

In the Canyonland of stone

you can size me up and run

Come on, cleave me from your rib

I’ll be gone

There was a time when all I knew was all I wanted

When every crop was set ablaze.

Like the bird I have turned and pulled you into me, whistling all the themes to your resentment

Steady baby, steady on the hazard lights

The lizard crosses on the road

My broken oath is hanging from the dashboard face

and you are waiting to reload


I see you breaking.

Baby what for?

Baby what for?

Maybe for me

I see you breaking.

Baby what for?

Baby what for?

Maybe for me