1. Heavenly Track

From the recording Grenades

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Kaia Kater, banjo, lead vocals; Christine Bougie, electric guitar, lap steel; Andrew Ryan, upright bass; Erin Costelo, organ; Lydia Persaud, Meg Contini, Jill Harris, backing vocals


You got saved at the hair parlor

Washed in suds and lye

Broke bread at the halfway house

Laid out to the side

I know ya, I know ya, ain’t I seen you before?

I’ve felt you on the ceiling and I’ve felt you on the floor


Ooh on the heavenly track (2X)

Ooh on the heavenly track

To the sun, the sun, the sun

This land is bare as

the palm of your hand

Its fingers at the collars

And the coattails of the damned

You know me, You know me, ain’t you seen me before?

I’m the comfort of the stranger

In the writings on the stall, on the stall


You shake the trees and feel the bodies tumble down

You paint your clothes and hang them on the line

They beat the city red with bloody siren sounds

And you’re on the ground, you’re on the ground.