Sorrow Bound hits the UK

A big thanks to fRoots Magazine for the kind words in reviewing Sorrow Bound and for adding "Southern Girl" to the Album Choice playlist for October 2015. I am flattered, and I learned a new word from the review (leonine)…

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East Coast Tour June 2015

It's my first time visiting Atlantic Canada, and I can't wait to make new friends and discover the richness of the region.  I hope to see you out there, on the road, at a celidh, at a festival - come…Read more

New record label and US release

Music friends, I am thrilled to let you know that I have signed with Kingswood Records in the United States. Please check out their wonderful label, and their related music documentary projects. I am honoured to be part of their…

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New friends at NERFA

As a traveling musician, it's a blessing to spend time meeting new people and discovering new communities. This past weekend I fell in love with the music and community at the NERFA (Northeastern Regional Folk Alliance). I am still vibrating…Read more

Performing Tradition Between Two Countries

Hello friends/fans! 

Life has been quite a hectic and awesome roller coaster since the making of 'Sorrow Bound' in March. This summer has been spent with a pen in hand and a lot of song ideas have come from my…Read more