...plaintive, mesmerizing ... writes and performs with the skill of a folk-circuit veteran...”

Rolling Stone


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News and musings

THANK YOU Credits for 'Nine Pin'! 

As the 'Nine Pin' record reaches its six month anniversary, I'd like to publicly thank some PledgeMusic backers who helped the record come to life:

Martin Nuttall at LITTLEgiants music
Anne Louise Genest
Mark Sustic
Sue & Rich Hanson
Carter Smith
Scott Tichenor
Paul Mischler


These Changing Times: The Paradox of the Global Awards System 

I first heard the news of Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Lit Prize from my taxi driver, who saw I had an acoustic instrument in the trunk. Instead of talking about the weather, we talked about Dylan. I was surprised that he'd won, due to the nature of the award. We assured each other that it was (probably?) a Momentous Time in History. 

I grew up with Dylan's music, as many generation X, Y and Z kids did. He represented a time, a Greenwich Village era of free love and protest. In grade 7, our middle school…

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Utne Reader Features 'Saint Elizabeth' 

We're only three days into May and there are already many exciting things happening. Firstly, all Pledgers received the advance digital release of my new record 'Nine Pin' today! I'm so happy to get it out into the sound waves for you. If you haven't had a chance to contribute yet and want to get your hands on my album, become a Pledger here.

Secondly, 'Saint Elizabeth', one of the songs from my new album, is featured on The Utne Reader's May Music Sampler along with some stunning artists including Idris…

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Pre-Order my new album! 

It is with total excitement that I can finally announce my forthcoming record 'Nine Pin', a collection of 7 original songs and several traditional pieces. 

I am almost finished production and have partnered with PledgeMusic to offer a Pre-Order of the record, along with updates and exclusive content that I'm excited to offer friends and supporters. Thank you all for your continued support! Go check it out!  


Poetry Out Loud West Virginia 

I am home in Elkins, and reflecting on having been invited to play Poetry Out Loud: National Recitation Contest. It was incredible to see the talent coming out of West Virginia. I met and heard young, vibrant, amazing people from almost every county in the state. West Virginia poet laureate Marc Harshman gave us some of his poetry, interspersed with beautiful homages to the words of Irene McKinney and Louise McNeill, two of my favourite Appalachian poets. 

Everyday I am thankful to get to know the…

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Poetry Out Loud in Charleston WV 

I'm back and rested up from an amazing Folk Alliance International​ gathering; thanks everyone who made it another memorable and productive conference.   I am now getting ready to head to Charleston WV for the state finals of the Poetry Out Loud Contest, where I have been invited to perform. I am so excited to play for the students involved in this celebration of poetry!  

I am equally excited that West Virginia native, actor/director Chris Sarandon​ (The Princess Bride, Dog Day Afternoons) is going to…

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Kaia Kater at Savannah Music Explorers program

 —  —

Savannah Music Festival, Savannah, GA

I'll be taking part in this wonderful program which helps builds basic music skills in the classroom as children learn songs from different cultures, reflect on their own communities, and develop listening and singing skills. After years of attending student matinées at the National Arts Centre, I am thrilled to take part in one!


Jalopy APAP Showcase NYC

Jalopy Theatre and School of Music, 315 Columbia Street, Brooklyn NY

An evening of amazing music:

8:00--Ken Waldman's Class Party. 8:30--Nic Gareiss & Maeve Gilchrist 8:45--Kaia Kater 9:00--Wild Hog 9:15--Brian & Claire 9:30--Miller, Knuth, Kilianski 9:45--Jefferson Hamer Band 10:00--Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards 10:15--Ken Waldman & The Secret Visitors

*****PWYC @ DOOR

Kaia Kater with Dom Flemons and Jerron "Blind Boy" Paxton

Pinecone presents at Fletcher Opera Theatre, Raleigh, NC

Dom Flemons, Kaia Kater, and Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton share the stage for one night only, spotlighting the African roots of the banjo and the impact that the instrument continues to have in old-time, blues, bluegrass, and other music traditions.

About Kaia

Few are more conscious in their journey through Appalachian histories and the Canadian musical landscape than Kaia. Born in Montreal, Kaia has lived Winnipeg, Wakefield and, most recently, West Virginia, she now resides in Toronto. Her old-time banjo-picking skills, deft arrangements, and songwriting abilities have landed her in the spotlight in North America and the UK, garnering critical acclaim from outlets such as Rolling Stone, CBC Music and The Roots Music Report.  Often praised for her capacity to sound new and old at once, Kaia anchors her music the space where tradition and innovation intersect.

"...plaintive, mesmerizing...writes and performs with the skill of a folk-circuit veteran..." -Rolling Stone

"You want some authenticity in your folk music or bluegrass – I give you Kaia Kater." -No Depression

"A star in the making..."
-Folk Alley

“...One of the most remarkable Canadian folk records in some time...Kater's music is somehow ancient and brand new at the same time.
-Tom Power, CBC Radio 2 
"Sorrow Bound is a remarkably assured debut album which both honours tradition and declares Kater’s credentials as a distinctive, original artist."  Steve Hunt - fRoots Magazine (UK) - October 2015

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